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Secure System

NPL Swap has created a secure system of vetted buyers and sellers. While protecting all party's information in one platform.

We Do

Founded by industry leaders with expertise in loan origination & secondary loans sales. NPL Swap provides the most efficient marketplace for investors and lenders to trade non-performing loans.

Historically, the purchase and sale of non-performing loans have been limited by a lack of buyers and/or sellers, a complicated and inefficient workflow, and a low certainty of closure. NPL Swap's technology-based end-to-end solution will change these dynamics. It will create a transparent and reliable marketplace where investors can source unique investment opportunities and lenders can broaden their options to dispose of non-performing loans. A true win-win for both parties.

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How Does
NPLSwap Works

Three Step
Process to Seller


Sellers upload individual loans or a portfolio of loans that are under performing.


Once uploaded to the platform they can wait for individuals and institutional teams to bid on their NPL’s. Seller then find the exact offer that suits them approve the offer. They then sign a purchase and sale agreement to move to the final step.

Accept & close

After accepting the offer the seller just uploads the collateral package to the secure shared data room. The buyer then completes their diligence process with the data. Once complete the transaction goes through final approval, and funds are transferred.

Seller Benefits

Price transparency and best execution with multiple buyers bidding

With multiple Buyers bidding on each Loan, you can see a true market price for your non-performing loans.

Confidentiality of the sale process protects sellers

With information being confidential groups can sell and upload loans with the confidence all information is safe.

Secure platform for the sharing of data, to make the selling process straight forward

With our platform having a shared data room for both parties you know that all information is being viewed only by serious buyers.

Three Step
Process to Buyer


Scroll and view 1000s of non-performing loans in several asset classes across the United States. Then place bids on each property or portfolio.


When your Bid is accepted you confirm the purchase. At this point you can send a purchase and sale agreement as well any deposits to escrow so that the diligence process can begin.

Diligence & Close

The Diligence process can start with the seller uploading the collateral package to the secure shared data room. Here the buyer can review all final diligence items as well as ask questions through the system.

Once the diligence process is completed, the transaction is finally approved, and funds are transferred.

Buyer Benefits

Access to a large volume of NPLs from fully vetted sellers in various markets and asset classes

The NPL Swap team has aggregated some of the largest industry lenders from all over the United States to allow buyers access a diverse number of NPLs.

Transparent bidding process

Thanks to our transparent bid process you can see what the true market value is of any given loan as well as view what other groups are currently bidding in the marketplace.

Market standard agreements & vendor integration to help expedite the workflow

With the help of NPLs agreements and vendors the diligence process is seamless and efficient for teams.

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